Get exciting deals on Bolts and Screws, Flange Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Square Holding Down Bolts and a lot more products.

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Get exciting deals on Bolts and Screws, Flange Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Square Holding Down Bolts and a lot more products.
Products from Sond Nuts and Bolts, a well-known name in the fasteners market, are widely used in a number of different industries, including gearbox lines, railroads, wind turbines, cars, refineries, power plants, machine tools, and general and specific fasteners. We are Indias leading manufacturer and suppliers of CSK Head Carriage Bolts, Nib Bolts, B7 Studs, Hex Bolts, etc. In addition to adhering to stringent international standards like DIN, ASTM, BS, and ANSI, we also create and export a wide range of fasteners that are customized for each client.

We want to establish ourselves as the go-to supplier for any industry throughout the world for their industrial hardware needs through our specialties of authentic pricing, personalized solutions, on-time delivery, and first-rate customer service. We have been providing businesses of all sizes with thorough and cost-effective sourcing solutions for more than 40 years.

We also provide a range of services and specialties to large industrial end-users in India starting at the drawing stage. We perform internal quality inspections on our products. We do this by performing tensile tests, microscopic surface examinations, hardness evaluations, and testing for wire defects. We may issue certificates if necessary. We are a top manufacturer of high-quality fasteners in India. We stand for affordable prices, a robust inventory, punctual deliveries, and a high level of flexibility.


We firmly think that a companys growth and success depend on having a solid infrastructure. Due to this, we built a sizable infrastructure facility on our end that is furnished with the cutting-edge tools and machinery necessary to promptly meet the demands of our clients. Additionally, we place a heavy focus on maximizing the use of the resources we have because doing so ensures the companys competence and efficiency. We also have a talented team of experts at our unit to manage and handle these tools and resources, including technocrats, managers, engineers, and other talented people. Our diligent workforce, a successful quality system, a state-of-the-art machine park, and large production, supply, and distribution capabilities enable us to achieve maximum client satisfaction.


We have a well-equipped packaging unit where we pack our goods to protect them from any damage during shipment. The safe delivery of the product is prioritized in order to guarantee that the final product provided to the client is identical to the one he receives.

Manufacturing Facilities 

Our production facilitys constant manufacturing activity is perfect for our efficiently operated firm. We can sustain a consistent manufacturing flow thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and technology. The superior infrastructure support has allowed us to develop high-end goods and make customers happy. All of the equipment at our facility is regularly oiled and well maintained to guarantee maximum production. As a manufacturing company, we have advanced our technologies resources, and acquired the tools necessary to transform into a One Stop Shop for Industrial Fasteners over time. The facilities in our unit includes Cold Forging Facility, Hot Forging Facility, Bar Drawing Facility, Heat Treatment Facility, Induction Hardening, Surface Treatment, Tool Room, Metallurgical Laboratory, etc.

Mission and Vision 

Our mission is to provide our customers with premium fasteners at competitive pricing while also creating and delivering cutting-edge solutions through a market-focused and process-centered strategy. Besides this, our vision is to consistently provide innovative, high-quality fasteners for the automotive and other sectors at fair pricing.

Why Us?

We have the ability to produce high-quality fasteners for a range of industrial applications using technology that has been carefully designed. We are also willing to provide goods upon customer requirement.

  • Complete material tracing from the mill heat number through final dispatch.
  • Capacity for Cold and Hot Forging in-House.
  • Cold forging capacity for bolts and nuts in-house up to M24.
  • Internal mechanical lab that is fully equipped.
  • Continuous Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Plant inside.
  • Hot-dip galvanising facility on-site.
  • Cr3 Trivalent Coating's in-house bright zinc plant.
  • Each shipment includes a certificate of material testing from the in-house mechanical galvanizing plant.

Quality Policy 

Quality has been prioritized heavily in all aspects of our full fasteners manufacture. At each step of our manufacturing procedures, from the sourcing of raw materials through the production, packaging, and shipping, we ensure the highest standards of quality. Our quality management system ensures that the products we offer to our customers perform and meet their quality standards.

Additionally, we have been selling directly to industrial clients. There are many examples of things that have been specifically designed for customers, but there are also some fairly common products. Our company offers a wide variety of high-quality fasteners to industrial end users.


  • Identifying and satisfying client needs.
  • Improving our employees' working conditions.
  • Giving a value that is unquestionably superior to the global market.
  • Offering customers only the best products at all times.
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